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Nutrition table Download the energy content of various foods (Save to your computer before attempting to open).
  • The nutrition table has a section set up to help you plan your menus. If a foodstuff you want doesn't appear, operate with a near match and then just alter the name of the foodstuff in the planning section. There's a detailed example of how to use the spreadsheet here.

  • Email your first attempt to me in this raw form - include your name in the filename, and save it in its original format as xls (rather than xlsx).
  • When I have approved it, copy just the planner section into a new spreadsheet and send it to me: feel free to tinker with the layout, so as to make it into an attractive and useful document.

Food packaging carries the energy content both per 100 g and per serving. The manufacturer's idea of a serving is likely to be less than yours. On the other hand, the food for three days does mount up, so some prior experimentation to discover just how much of each foodstuff you actually need to take is a good idea.

During an expedition you need about 10,000 kJ per day. You can leave protein intake for non-expedition days. Carbohydrate gives quick-release energy, and so is good through the day. Fat gives slow release energy, and so is good as part of your evening meal.

This diagram gives the kind of ratios you might aim for.

Sweets and snacks will give you plenty of energy during the walking part of the day, so long as you have enough of them.

This diagram gives the kind of ratios you might aim for.